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Established in 1918, Yamada Casting originated as a manufacturer and seller of internal combustion engines for agriculture and ship use. Since then, we have been involved in integrated production processes from casting to machining for over one hundred years.
Originally manufacturing pig iron castings, we began manufacturing aluminum alloy castings in 1982 to meet customer demand for lighter weight products. For the past forty years, we have produced aluminum alloy castings for a variety of industries. We strive to be a company that meets the needs of our customers as well as our society at large through high quality manufacturing.


ESTABLISHMENT:    Business June, 1918 / Company July, 1961

CAPITAL:        10 million JPY

LOCATION:       147, Minatomachi, Marugame-shi, Kagawa, JAPAN, 763-0042

PHONE NUMBER:    (+81) 877-22-6281

FACSIMILE:       (+81) 877-22-6282

BUSINESS:       Production and processing of aluminum alloy casting parts.

CASTING EXPERIENCE: Exterior related products, food production equipment parts, nursing care equipment parts,
             industrial equipment parts, electric equipment parts, transportation equipment parts,
             pure aluminum commercial gas rice cookers, etc.

BANKERS:        CHUGOKU bank Ltd. Marugame branch office
             The Hyakujushi Bank, Ltd. Marugame branch office
             KANONJI SHINYO KINKO Marugame branch office



1918  Kanematsu Yamada, the founder of Yamada Casting, established an iron factory in Marugame-shi, Kagawa
     to manufacture and sell internal combustion engines for agriculture and marine use.
1928  We opened a branch factory in Seto-shi, Saga, to sell and repair products.
1935  We opened a casting factory in Sakaide-shi, Kagawa.
1944  We moved to our current location in Minatomachi, Marugame-shi by integrating the factories
     in Marugame-shi and Sakaide-shi.
1946  With the dissolution of land, sea, and air force production after World War II,
     we restarted production of internal combustion engines for fishing boats.
1957  We halted production of internal combustion engines for agricultural use and began producing
     machinery for industrial use.
1960  We became a subcontract factory of Koyo Seiko Takamatsu factory and began turning ball bearing parts.
     In addition, we gradually decreased our production of internal combustion engines.
1961  We became a stock company with a total value of 5 million JPY, and Kanematsu Yamada was nominated
     as company president.
1965  Our capital stock increased to a total of 10 million JPY. We also streamlined our foundry, opened an
     electrostatic coating plant, and began producing pillow block bearings.
1966  We ceased production of all industrial machinery.
1973  We opened an expanded polystyrene molding plant and began producing fish boxes.
1975  We upgraded the molding machine in the foundry to a Hunter high pressure automatic line.
1976  The company president, Kanematsu Yamada, assumed the position of Chairman and Representative
     Director CEO, and Fumio Yamada was nominated as the second President and CEO.
1978  Our capital stock increased to 15 million JPY.
1982  We began using sand casting to produce aluminum alloy castings.
1983  We began using gravity die casting to produce aluminum alloy casting.
1994  We introduced a CNC milling machine with ATC.

2005  We built a new foundry and separated it from our expanded polystyrene division.
2012  President Fumio Yamada became CEO and Toshifumi Yamada assumed the role of third President.
2013  We installed two new tilting gravity die casting machines.
2015  We installed a 3D printer called MUTOH 3D Magic Egg MF-1150.
2016  We began casting pure aluminum, which has significantly different characteristics from those of general alloys.
2017  We introduced aluminum degassing equipment (GBF-FH) as well as a melting furnace designed to process
     pure aluminum (500kg). We also began production of pure aluminum rice cookers for commercial use.
2020  We installed a 3D printer called MUTOH Value3D MagiX MF-2500EPⅡ, and we installed a Yamazaki Mazak
     VCN-530C machining center


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