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We confirm the product drawing (2D, 3D), material, weight, machining, and delivery conditions.

The company suggests a cost reduction plan through insert casting as well as streamlining of mold allocation and shape.

We convene a meeting to discuss the material, shape, processing conditions, delivery date, number of lots, and whether or not a prototype will be made.

An estimate of the prototype is presented, and we begin considering the details of the product shape.

If necessary, a prototype mold is made using the 3D printer output model, an aluminum casting sample is made, and structural analysis is performed to check for any necessary corrections.

Drawings are created to reflect the results of the 3D printer output and prototype casting, and we begin the process of creating the mold.

We then confirm the dimensions and shape of the initial mass-produced product, and inspect the initial product.

We pack and deliver the product according to the delivery date and delivery form according to the specified conditions.


Our company provides a full range of services from prototyping to assembly and packaging.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in working with us.

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