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We donated ten units of the improved Corona Cleaner F to Marugame City.

On August 18, 2020, we donated ten units of the improved Corona Cleaner F to Marugame City to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Originally developed by Dr. Akiyoshi, an Associate Professor at Osaka Prefecture University, the Corona Cleaner F is a device designed to inactivate viruses contained in airborne droplets using a tungsten trioxide photocatalyst that responds to visible light with high efficiency. Under the guidance of Dr. Akiyoshi, we used a 3D printer to make an improved prototype based on his Corona Cleaner F. As shown in the image below, we have confirmed that the improved product can collect a wide range of airborne droplets, and we plan to use it in high traffic areas or in places where ventilation is difficult.

Yamada Casting pledges to do our utmost to help end the spread of the COVID-19 as quickly as possible. As a company with strong ties to our local community, we will continue to donate to local medical facilities in order to contribute to the well being and development of our local region.


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